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Even if you've never dreamed of becoming a racer, give it a try. You'll meet some great people that share your interest in skiing or snowboarding, and you'll improve your technique. It’s about having fun in the snow, improving your skills, and enjoying the company of 9 team-mates. You ski with them, race with them, and party with them at the end of the day!

  • PACRAT teams consist of 10 members. They can be any mix of skiers, snowboarders, male, or female. If you start a season as a snowboarder, you should race all season as a snowboarder. No switching in the middle of the season is allowed. For best team results, a mix of beginners, intermediates and advanced racers is best. Each will then compete in their own category. Don't have a team, we'll find you a spot on a team.

  • Several races are organized each winter season. Points are awarded at each race, both individually and for team standings.

  • Racers receive a substantial discounted lift ticket the day of the race MUST present your PACRAT bib to receive the discount.

  • Every racer receives a bib number at the beginning of the season. This is your permanent ID for the season. Keep it in a pocket. Always bring it on race day. It is your ID at the party too!

  • Everyone is supposed to take two runs: one on the blue course, one on the red. We are expected to race as a team, i.e. we should all show up at the starting gate at the same time. Start times will be sent out to team captains prior to each race and are posted on the PACRAT website, the times will also be posted in the lodge, or at the after race party on the day of the race. Show up at the top of the course before your scheduled time and arrange your team in ascending order of bib numbers.

  • There is a party iafter most races, usually starting around 3:00 or 3:30pm. There are free drinks, food, door prizes, announcements of race results, etc. Come early if you want a place to sit! It can get a bit crowded. For the door prizes you have to be present to win. Guests are welcome to the party for a small fee for the food and drinks, but guests do not qualify for door prizes.

  • Racers are grouped by ability into 7 groups from beginners to experts (7 for the women, 7 for the men). Your time in your very first race will determine which group you will be placed in. If you significantly exceed your group's handicap range even once, you will be bumped up into a higher group for the next race. It takes two below par results to trigger a bumping down into a lower group. You can track your individual progress by observing your handicap from race to race.

  • As a team points are generated as follows: Every racer gets 1 point for starting in a race. Placement points are awarded to the top finishers in each group. Additional three bonus points are awarded individually for improving your own handicap from race to race.

  • Only your best run counts. You are not disqualified if you fall or miss a gate in one of your runs, as long as you successfully complete the other run. Before every race, check the schedule page for the latest announcements.

How to join Pacrats

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You could also join one of the local ski clubs and become a member of one of their teams.
(see club contact list below).

  • Bergfreunde Ski Club:
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  • Mountain High Ski Club
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  • Schnee Vogeli Ski Club
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  • Skiyente Ski Club
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    Visit NWSCC - To find more clubs.


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