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Lagunitas Brewing
NW Ski Club Councel
Welcome to, we are a recreational ski racing organization that plays on Mt. Hood, we're all about having fun with friends on the mountain, and making new friends along the way.

For those of you that are curiously visiting, we encourage you to browse through the site and see what we’re all about.

See why we continually have over two hundred participating members yearly who enjoy having fun on the mountain.

Congratulations to your 2018-2019 PACRAT Board of Directors, elected June 20th.

President: Peter Dodd
Vice President: Geoff Mihalko
Secretary: Dan Lane
Treasurer: Virginia Collison
Race Director: Greg Dilger
Party Director: Ulla Brunette
Membership Director: Mary Askew
Results Director: Dale Parshall
Sponsorship Director: Sandra Volk

Congratulations To Will Ski For Beer 1st place team for the 2018 season.
Thanks to everyone for another great year of PACRAT racing!
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